Cronjé Chronicles

Expect No Dress Rehearsals


We're Lizzy and Steve, who gaze aghast at our middle-aged bodies with younger-feeling minds always out for one more adventure.

Rapidly approaching retirement has kicked our butts into gear and we've found ourselves counting the days until we start our next adventure - sailing!

Besides each other, and our darling daughter, our one real passion is learning. About anything and everything. Well, everything except sports, maybe, although the physics behind a baseball pitch will make us ponder.


The most used phrase in our house is, "We could do/make that." Then we try. Sometimes we succeed. But not always, as the many failed projects and ideas in our wake will attest. Now time zipping by has forced us to focus on the specifics of cruising the ocean.

It's a wobbly sort of focus, though.

It's a big dream.

And an even bigger world.